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Sectional Garage Doors

What is a sectional door?

A sectional door is a type of garage door that is composed of loosely moving, insulated panels that open straight up. The panels of the sectional door are insulated and have a high insulation value which prevents condensation and moisture in your garage, what will keep your property dry and less affected by moisture. This is especially nice if important items are also stored there.

Currently, the sectional door is the most sold garage door because of the many personal adaptations and modern look possible for these garage doors. At Brabant Deur, you can therefore customise your own sectional door to suit your needs.

Sectional doors available for every budget!

The sectional doors are available in BASIC, PREMIUM and DESIGN versions.

Sectional door and its advantages:

Our sectional doors are precisely tailored and can be used in almost any situation.

Sectional doors are opened with electric operation.

Available in almost all common RAL and Sikkens colours, giving your sectional door the colour that suits your living situation.

Many choices for your sectional door in terms of panel structure, colours and any lines and grooves.

The sectional door is also available with a wicket door (pedestrian door), so you don’t have to open the entire door to still be able to walk in and out easily.

BASIC: Select Line

The SELECT-LINE sectional door consists of insulated, robust horizontal panels of 40mm thickness.
This garage door is a safe and budget-friendly investment for your home.

fixed sizes

starting price is without assembly

•  starting price includes motor, wall switch and 2 hand transmitters

wide choice of panels

More at the Select-line page


The sectional door Premium offers the perfect combination of durability and functionality and is made to measure. Brabant Deur supplies top quality electric garage doors from the Netherlands and service is our top priority.

Electric operation/remote control

Various panel designs and structures

Various glazing options

18 RAL colours available

More at the Premium- Line page


With the sectional doors from the Design-Line, you can match the style well with the architectural look of your property and it’s surroundings.
The robust, steel sandwich panels are available in different designs and there is a choice of different RAL/SIKKENS colours for a personal touch.

With individuality and style

Architectural design

High insulation value

Tailored to your personal taste

More at the Design-Line page


Side Hinged Garage Doors

Versatile and convenient

A modern and sleek custom-made Dutch product with individuality and style. The panels have a high insulation value and are made of virtually maintenance-free material. Safe, solid and… no annual painting.

Made-to-measure garage door

Manufactured in the Netherlands

High insulation value

Also available with three-point locking

High Quality, low-maintenance

This double side hinged garage door has proven itself over time as a convenient, easy and, above all, low-maintenance garage door. These garage doors open lightly and smoothly and offer a wide passage when both are opened. Unlike the up-and-over door, with this double-opening garage door you can easily walk in and out with, for example, a bicycle, waste container or the dog. If you want to store a motorbike or mobility scooter in the garage, these can also easily enter via the wide passage. This ease of use is why this door is currently our best-selling product.

More at the Side Hinged Doors page


Up and Over Garage Doors

Quality at an affordable price

Hörmann N-80 up-and-over garage doors have been a durable solution for years. If you choose this up-and-over door, you get a garage door that is solid, safe and budget-friendly.

The up-and-over door can be operated manually, but is also available with a motor.

A wicket door, for easy pedestrian access, can also be installed in an up-and-over door. Walk quick and easy in and out without having to open the entire up-and-over door. This will help saving energy because of less loss of warmth when only opening the small door.
Thanks to the low threshold, you can also easily take a bicycle or shopping trolley inside.


More at the Up and Over garage doors page

Up-and-over door opening without noise.

Thanks to the smooth and whisper-quiet running and spring system, Hörmann up-and-over garage doors are very quiet when opening and closing.
Ideal, of course, because you don’t want to wake up the neighbours when opening the garage door in the early morning.

Moreover, this system ensures that you can easily open the up-and-over door without great effort.

Always free and non-binding measuring service
Standard bright white colour, other colours available
Also available with pedestrian or wicket door
our prices include assembly


Round the Corner Garage Doors

Side ways sliding

The round the corner garagedoor is a side ways sliding garage door with robust steel panels that are placed vertically. This gives your garage a solid and safe look with a modern character.
Very useful when there is not enough headroom or when the garagedoor will be mostly opened just for walking in.

Electric operation/remote control
Various windows and panelling possible
Various panels and structures
High insulation value
Space saving
Minimal headroom required
All RAL and Sikkens colours available

More at the Round The Corner garage doors page

Character and Style

With a round the corner garage door, several specials are possible that allow you to finish the garage door according to your personal wishes and preferred style.

Do you really want something different with your garage door?
Then Avalon offers many options such as wood or steel cladding, CorTen steel (rusted steel), expanded metal, brushed stainless steel and even full hard glass.
This is a garage door with a truly characteristic, solid and sturdy appearance.


Garage Door with Pedestrian Access

The electric garage door with wicket door (or pedestrian door) offers convenience and combats heat loss. Made from the same panels as the chosen garage door. Our ‘from’ price includes garage door and electric operation.

Brabant Deur offers different options for garage doors with wicket door.

Different execution options.
Both manually operated and electrically operated.
Available with threshold from 2 cm height
Light and easy to open

More at the Garage Doors with Pedestrian Access page

Garage door with wicket (pedestrian) door function

Over the years, we have seen a growth in demand for these garagedoors with pedestrian access.
The advantages are: classic look, maintenance-free, excellent insulation, strong and safe. But perhaps the biggest advantage is the wicket door function.
At Brabant Deur, you even have the option to determine the width of the wicket door wings yourself, so even unequal sizes are an option.


Designs and options for various situations

Visit us to work out your ideas

We will gladly help you customise your own garage door to suit your needs. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience. We install garagedoors since 199 and have succesfully created various options and solutions for our customers.

Please contact us and make an appointment to visit us in our showroom.
We will make the time to help you with all the questions and requests you have.

We look forward to welcome you in our showroom!

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